Cancellation And Refund Policy:


For any reservation, other than a Prom (Please SEE * Below), that is cancelled less than 90 days before the trip(s) you will be responsible for ALL of the charges due for the trip(s).  This total will include the package price for the car(s) and/or the hourly rate times the minimum hours of rental required for the trip(s).  The only exceptions to these charges will be the tip that is already included in the package price and/or the collected deposit that was already recieved for the trip(s).


* PLEASE NOTE: Once A PROM Reservation Is Taken And Confirmed With A Deposit, The Reservation Will NOT Be Cancellable.  If The Renter Still Decides That He Or She Does Not Want The Car(s) Then They Will STILL BE RESPONSIBLE For The Hourly Rate Times The Minimum Hours Required And Specified At The Time That The Reservation Was Made, Less Any Collected Deposit Already Received.


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